The History of Vacation Ownership


The concept of timeshare as we know it today can be traced back to the early 1960’s when families in America and the UK would share vacation homes with other families. 4 families would share ownership of a vacation home, with each family occupying it for one season a year.

Two European companies are crediting with monetizing this idea of joint vacation home ownership in the late 1960’s. The Societe des Grands Travaux de Marseille began selling vacation ownership at their resort in the French Alps at the same time the owners of Hapimag in Baar Switzerland began selling timeshare at their property. This was a massive success, and Hapimag began buying resort properties all over Europe to expand this new venture now called Timeshare.

The first Timeshare properties in the U.S. were in Hawaii, including the first non-hotel timeshare which offered weeks which were sold on a leasehold basis. This company, which later founded Vacation Internationale, was also the first to offer timeshares sold on a point system, which has been widely adopted by most of the Timeshare industry today.

Most timeshares sold today are “deeded ownerships” which were first sold in 1973 on Lake Tahoe in a joint venture by the Hyatt company and Innisfree company.

InnSeason Resort’s exchange partner RCI was the first company to develop and offer vacation exchanges in the mid-1970’s, where timeshare owners can exchange their weeks or points for vacations to the hottest travel destinations around the world.

In the 1990’s, the world’s largest hotel companies including Wyndham, Marriot, and Hilton began offering vacation ownership at their properties, and timeshare sales reached a record high. Today there are over 5,000,000 timeshare owners world-wide that own at resorts in over 100 counties.

Over 85% of owners surveyed recently by ARDA (American Resort Development Association) were satisfied with their vacation ownership experience.

You know you wanna see this…

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So, our weather in Maine has been a little crazy – cold and damp to hot and steamy to cold and damp, yet again.  That’s ok, though, because no matter what the weather we’re still having a great time!  One of the best places to explore in Ogunquit is the ‘Marginal Way’.  It’s a 1-1/4 mile long paved walking path along the rocky shoreline.  There are many benches along the way, both in the shade and in the sun.  The views up and down the coast are gorgeous and, at this time of the year, our sea roses are blooming.  Many thanks to Josiah Chase who, in 1925, donated the walking path to the town for all to enjoy.   This is the place to take in sights, sounds and smells – and it’s all good!  Be sure to check it out early morning and late evening.  You’ll want to see it…

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May the 4th Be With You


It’s that day! The day geeks have been waiting for since May 4th of last year, the day they can celebrate their sci-fi and fantasy passion in all it’s nerdy glory. If you’ve never heard of Star Wars day, you’re not alone! Although the phrase originated over 35 years ago, the celebration of this day wasn’t wide spread outside of certain fandom circles until the dawn of social media. In 2017, it’s nearly impossible to go the entire day in the U.S. without hearing someone utter the timeless phrase “May the 4th be with you.”

Over here at Tripjoy Advantage, we were joking around with our fellow Jedi, and got to wondering where this silly celebration of all things geek-chic originated. Well we found out, and the answer might surprise you! The phrase was first coined on May 4th, 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of the U.K. A congratulatory advertisement was placed on the London Nightly News that evening that said “May the 4th be with you Maggie, congratulations.” Although the phrase was first uttered in the 1970’s, the first official Star Wars day celebrations were not held until 2011.

Die hard fans of the series mark the occasion by dressing up in full Jedi garb, and some even wield light sabers, much to the dismay of bosses across the world. The Walt Disney Company officially purchased Lucas’ Films in 2012, and if you happen be visiting the world’s most famous mouse during the holiday you can catch Star War’s themed parties and parades at one of Disney’s many theme parks. This year for the first time, some of Disney’s chain department stores will be celebrating Star War’s day with Jedi themed arts and crafts, special giveaways, and costume contests!

To find out more about this quirky holiday, or to find a celebration near you, check out the official website of May the 4th Here,, and May the 4th be with you!!! (And also with you.)