May the 4th Be With You


It’s that day! The day geeks have been waiting for since May 4th of last year, the day they can celebrate their sci-fi and fantasy passion in all it’s nerdy glory. If you’ve never heard of Star Wars day, you’re not alone! Although the phrase originated over 35 years ago, the celebration of this day wasn’t wide spread outside of certain fandom circles until the dawn of social media. In 2017, it’s nearly impossible to go the entire day in the U.S. without hearing someone utter the timeless phrase “May the 4th be with you.”

Over here at Tripjoy Advantage, we were joking around with our fellow Jedi, and got to wondering where this silly celebration of all things geek-chic originated. Well we found out, and the answer might surprise you! The phrase was first coined on May 4th, 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of the U.K. A congratulatory advertisement was placed on the London Nightly News that evening that said “May the 4th be with you Maggie, congratulations.” Although the phrase was first uttered in the 1970’s, the first official Star Wars day celebrations were not held until 2011.

Die hard fans of the series mark the occasion by dressing up in full Jedi garb, and some even wield light sabers, much to the dismay of bosses across the world. The Walt Disney Company officially purchased Lucas’ Films in 2012, and if you happen be visiting the world’s most famous mouse during the holiday you can catch Star War’s themed parties and parades at one of Disney’s many theme parks. This year for the first time, some of Disney’s chain department stores will be celebrating Star War’s day with Jedi themed arts and crafts, special giveaways, and costume contests!

To find out more about this quirky holiday, or to find a celebration near you, check out the official website of May the 4th Here,, and May the 4th be with you!!! (And also with you.)

Top U.S. Travel Destinations

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New York City, New York


The Big Apple is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world; with 13 million visitors in 2016 alone it’s the most traveled to city in the U.S. If you’re traveling with kids, you won’t want to miss the world’s biggest Toy’s ‘R Us store in Times Square; There’s a Ferris wheel inside the store!

Las Vegas, Nevada


Vegas is no longer just for the high-rollers. The City of Lights is quickly becoming a family friendly destination for visitors of all ages! Take in a show, eat a world class meal, or try your luck black jack, the world is your oyster during your trip to Vegas (literally and figuratively.)

Orlando, Florida


Whether you’re visiting the world’s most famous mouse, or swimming with dolphins at SeaWorld, Orlasndo is a destination for the young, and the young at heart alike. If amusement parks aren’t your thing don’t worry, Orlando has miles upon miles of shopping and fine dining experiences that will keep you entertained and wanting more.

Chicago, Illinois


Are you a sports fan? How about a lover of the arts? Chicago offers something for everyone! From catching a game at the world famous Wrigley Field, to gazing at your reflection in the Silver Cloud Gate Sculpture, the Windy City should be on everyone’s bucket list.

San Diego, California

san diego.jpg

If you love the beach, nothing beats California! During your trip to San Diego you can take a stroll down the world famous boardwalk, or try your hand on a surf board, and don’t forget to sample the exquisite Mexican food.

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Top New England Family Vacation Destinations

Ogunquit, Maine


Ogunquit means beautiful place by the sea, and there couldn’t be a more fitting name for our #1 vacation destination pick. Ogunquit beach was named among the 10 best family beaches in 2015, so you can rest assured that your little ones will have a blast in a family friendly environment. For the adults, there’s a charming down town area with quaint shops and an ample selection of restaurants; for the seafood lovers, we highly recommend you try a lobster roll.

White Mountain’s, New Hampshire


The best thing about our #2 pick, is that it’s fun for families all year round! For the winter sport enthusiasts, there are multiple ski resorts with trails for veteran skiers and newbies alike. When visiting in the spring or summer, the White Mountains are a nature lovers dream! You can take a drive down the stunning Kancamagus Highway, or fly through the trees on one of the many zipline attractions, and your little ones are sure to enjoy visiting storyland or Whale’s Tale water park.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


When thinking of a New England getaway, Cape Cod almost is almost always the first to come to mind. From Falmouth to Provincetown, there’s so much to see and do! You could spend entire summers exploring the vast waterways by boat or kayak alone! From whale watching to visiting to Whydah Pirate Museum, there’s sure to be an activity every member of your family will enjoy.

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New Years in New England


Did you know the first “First Night” celebration was held in Boston in 1976? A small group of artists wanted a place to celebrate the holiday together without the influence of alcohol, and from that gathering sprouted one of America’s most beloved New Years traditions. Boston’s celebration is America’s largest First Night, but there are lots of great celebrations all across New England for you to choose from to ring in the New Year!

Chatham MA

If you love Cape Cod, or live in the area, you won’t want to miss Chatham’s New Year’s celebration! There will be a circus, a fireworks display, and at midnight, a giant lighted cod drops!

First Night Chatham

Boston MA

Over a million people attend America’s oldest First Night celebration, which features giant ice sculptures and a word class fireworks display!

First Night Boston

Portsmouth NH

The best place to ring in the New Year in the Granite State is in Portsmouth, where the whole town hosts indoor and outdoor events throughout the day.

First Night Portsmouth

Newport Rhode Island

If you’re not the partying type, you can ring in the New Year in Rhode Island by taking a polar plunge into the waters of Easton  Bay!

Newport Polar Bear Plunge

Eastport Maine

New England’s most unique New Years celebration has to be Eastport Maine’s Great Sardine and Maple Leaf drop at the Tides Institute and Museum of Art. A giant maple leaf drops at 11pm, and at midnight is followed by an 8 ft sardine.

Sardine and Maple Leaf Drop