The NH Highland Games Begin This Friday!


One of New Hampshire’s most exciting events returns this weekend! With plenty to do for the whole family, The Highland Games and Festival at Loon Mountain in Lincoln NH is always something we look forward to. Happening September, 16th-18th, some of the many events taking place during the weekend include: Loon Stone Carry, Heavy Hammer, Highland Dancing, Fiddle, Harp, and Sheep Dog competitions. In addition to the many different events, there will also be world-class musical performances all throughout the weekend on 3 different stages. The Highland Games is also a great chance to take a trip back through history! There are historical reenactments about life in the Highlands from 1300-1700 AD, and soldier encampments set up remembering the Scottish Soldier and his importance in world history starting in the 1700’s.

Daily tickets for the event start at just $20 a person, or you can buy a weekend pass for $65!

To find out more about the events, and to purchase tickets, go to


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